Asset/Debt Division & Business Valuation

New Mexico is a community property state, but property division in divorce is still not easy. Many factors can affect the final property settlement. As New Mexico's first and most experienced family law firm, Atkinson & Kelsey has achieved equitable property settlement agreements for countless clients in situations that span a wide range of marital asset levels.

We pay very close attention to all aspects of property division issues – including the division of assets, debts, retirement accounts, and pensions – with the overriding goal of protecting our clients' rights and interests.

The key to achieving an equitable property settlement in divorce is to determine the true amount of marital assets, marital debts, and separate property. When a couple has modest asset and debt levels, this process can be relatively easy, and Atkinson & Kelsey can provide cost-effective representation in these types of divorce cases.

When asset and debt aggregations are complex, our attorneys use their experience in business and asset valuation to protect clients. We team with appraisers, accountants, and financial professionals to determine marital assets and debts and provide assistance during the negotiation or litigation processes.

Complicated issues often arise around valuations and assets such as an oil or gas royalty stream, closely held business, ranch land, an unexercised stock option, or an art collection. We value these and other types of complex assets, including tangible and intangible property. We work to protect your interests at the same time we craft a just property settlement.

We approach all family law matters using the proper legal tools. These tools include counseling, mediation, collaborative law, and litigation. Our litigation practice extends to the appellate level.

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