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People who are contemplating divorce often experience intense emotional turmoil. Doubt and fear of the unknown, along with emotional warfare with your soon to be former spouse, can overwhelm and obscure crucial questions that you must ask about your rights and legal options.

At the Albuquerque divorce law firm of Atkinson & Kelsey, we believe that divorce is a process, not an ending. Ultimately, divorce is about your future, not your past. If you have questions related to your divorce in New Mexico, contact our dedicated lawyers today.

Experienced Guidance Through Your Entire Divorce

Atkinson & Kelsey is a law firm devoted exclusively to representing men and women in divorce proceedings in Albuquerque area courts. Our divorce attorneys help our clients make difficult choices regarding divorce and related matters in a calm and reasoned way. We provide supportive counsel as well as clear answers and guidance about your legal rights and those of your children. Because each divorce and family law situation is different, we design our advice and representation to provide the right legal solution for each client's unique problem and situation.

At Atkinson & Kelsey, we represent clients in all types of divorce and divorce-related disputes and negotiations, including:

Our experienced divorce lawyers understand the special concerns of military families and the unique laws that apply in their situations.

Dispute Resolution Options

When you choose Atkinson & Kelsey, you have chosen a law firm with extensive experience in a wide range of dispute resolution options. At the beginning of the divorce process, we will describe the different paths available, including divorce mediation and collaborative divorce. When neither of these options is appropriate, we will negotiate with your former spouse's attorney or represent you in divorce litigation as necessary.

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